Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pretty in Pink

While I was down in Florida over my spring break, my mom and I had some great mother-daughter bonding time. One activity that we did was get manicures together, cliché I know, but it was a lot of fun! I ended up getting a very pale pink color that looked great with my tan (I'd post a picture but my nails don't look nice and polished like they did a week and a half ago =[ ). I loved the pale pink color so much, and when I looked at my nails today, it inspired me to create a post of things that are pretty and pink :)  Enjoy! 
Not pink, but I really like these hairstyles

Tory Burch, Dolce Vita 



BCBGMaxarzia, Aldo

Lisa Vanderpump's Patio

Karla's Closet (I added a pinker hue)
love her quilted Coach bag in this picture

Can't wait until it warms up in New York and I can break out my all of pinks and whites! 

Photo Credit -, Karla's Closet,,,, Damitario's Blog


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ciao Bella

Watch out world, here I come! I wish I was the one saying that, but actually it's my sister who's doing the traveling. Lisa is departing for her first trip to Italy in less than two days! Upon her request, I have created a fashion update with a little italian flare in spirit of her travels. Considering that we have a strong italian heritage in our family, it's probably a good thing that we become educated on the topic. 

First of all, let me paint you a picture of where she is going

Now, to be prepared for this influx of culture, you should know the basics about Italian fashion and what to expect, so you don't end up looking like the rest of those silly American tourists. According to italian fashion associates, the hottest style trend in Italy is currently going vintage. The hunt is on for small boutiques that carry authentic accessories and dresses from the 30's, 40's and 50's. The best place to shop for this category of clothing is Milan, so Lisa, I'm asking you now, can you make a pit-stop there and pick me up a few items? :) You're probably wondering, how can I find such places when I can barely read an italian map? Have no fear, for I am here! (that was almost crossing the border from witty to flat out cheesy, but I can never turn down a  good rhyming opportunity)

Of course we all know that some of the world's most renowned  fashion designers originated in Italy, but here are a few more places from different cities that are recommended for great authentic shopping and tourism!

Milan - Centro*, Brera, Porta Genova, Porta Ticenese, Magenta: all towns and neighborhoods with tons of culture and great shopping 
L'Armadio di Laura is the top milanese store for italian vintage clothing...what a coincidence that my name is in it :)

Venice - Francis ModeThe Venetia Stadium: two stores that sell italian-quality leather, silk, and velvet products (bags, gloves, scarves). Also see the island of Murano located on the venetian lagoon for its famous glass items. 

Tuscany - best known for flea markets and outdoor shopping - check out the town of Arezzo's largest flea market, the Piazza Grande

Rome - Piazza di Spagna, The Spanish Steps - one of richest streets for shopping in Rome
Via del Corso - great tourist spot and a haven for retail therapy - a must see! 

Some real life inspiration from the famous blogger, The Sartorialist
All of these photos were taken of street walkers in Milan

Love the use of black and white in these

One from Sydney, Australia - Just for kicks! 
(Lisa went abroad to Sydney in college)

Credit to,, The Sartorialist 

Hope this post inspires everyone to book a trip to Italy! I'm buying my plane ticket now :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Let's Get Real

I was brushing up on my daily blogging today when I came across this outfit on the blog, Karla's Closet.

Honestly Karla, you've got me. I'm baffled (in a good way that is)! I saw these pictures and thought to myself, "How the hell does she do it? Where do you find clothes like that?" According to the blog, pretty much the entire outfit was vintage with the exception of her shoes (made by Gwen Stefani's brand, L.A.M.B.). I guess what I am trying to say is that I feel like my style has a long way to go before I can really confidently call myself a top fashionista. 

I'm going to let you all in on a little secret here, I have no professional experience with fashion whatsoever. I mean, if you call "going to a preppy suburban high school where all the girls do is compete with each other to look hot and have the best clothes", experience, then maybe I have a little bit in that field. All I can say is that I love clothes and enjoy the fashion industry. But after looking at these outstanding fashion blogs, I feel like my style tips hold no authority and have little to no credibility. Honestly, who is going to read a teenager's blog from Pennsylvania and really care about it? I'm not trying to call for attention or sympathy here, I'm just getting real with you all. Regardless of my conflicting thoughts and self criticism, I can say one thing is true for sure, and that is that this blog is most definitely a learning experience for me. I am so thrilled about it because not only has it helped my writing skills improve dramatically, but it also has opened the door to a plethora (I'm sorry Professor Werner, I know you told me not to use that "unrealistic" word in writing) of knowledge and inspiration that I can take home with me and use to improve my own fashion sense. So to conclude to my little rant, I am going to label myself as a "fashionista in progress", because I know that this is a passion of mine, and that I do have natural talent. I just am realizing that I have a long path ahead of me if I want to get to the level of style and success that I dream of achieving one day. 

The creation of SWS has already affected me in a huge way. Having only started this blog a mere four days ago, I can tell you that walking around campus I can spot splashes of color on certain outfits, and different layering techniques that other girls sport during class that I never would have seen before. I have to say, compared to my old school that I transferred from, Fordham does have quite an impressive amount of style. Well, enough babbling for now. Time for more pretty pictures to "ooh" and "ahh" at! Oh, and don't mind my creative titles that I gave to these photos, they're there just for fun :) 

Flare and Elegance - The Sartorialist 

Leopard Attitude - Le Fashion

The Gracefulness of Dusk - Cupcakes and Cashmere

Don't have a cool name to come up with for this one, all I can say is wow, something that is slightly on my skill level and that I could actually see myself wearing! Maybe I'll call this one "Ecstasy"... - 9to5Chic

Photo Credit - Karla's Closet, The Sartorialist,,

It was nice gettin' real with you all. Now, back to the reality of being a freshman in college. Remember that thing called homework? 

Monday, March 28, 2011

Exciting News!

I have some exciting news for my new and developing blog or as others would call it, my new and developing obsession. Unfortunately it is not another fashion update, instead I have just added a new editor in chief to my blog team! To be honest, my team actually isn't as extravagant as it sounds, because it only is made up of me and now the new addition of my older sister, Lisa. Just a little background info on the newbie - Lisa graduated from Lehigh University as an English major and is currently working in New York City as a literary agent with the company Georges Borchardt Inc. It works out amazingly! We always have dreamt of working on something together with both of our skills, and this is the perfect opportunity to do so. From now on, she will help me with the editing and execution of my posts so I don't sound like a rambling idiot on here :). Now the next thing I need to do is buy one of those really expensive cameras and get really good at photography so my blog can become really cool and popular. Just Kidding! Sort of...(it would be nice, but hey, you have to start somewhere!)

SWS's new partnership!
I don't like to brag, but my family is the best.

Ok and I lied, I have a little fashion that I want to share with you, I can't help it! 

So I was looking at Sea of Shoes' blog and I came across these two gems. I know that everyone is sick of winter and it is not in season anymore, but these shots are stunning. Two amazing coats. What shocks me even more is that the creator and owner of Sea of Shoes is my age! Now that is inspiration at its finest. For those of you who are like me and are new to this whole blogging business, Jane Aldridge is a fashion blogger from Dallas, Texas, who started her blog simply because she had a deep, deep love for shoes. I found it so cute that she started it when she was 15 with her mom, and included posts about what both her and her mom were wearing that day. Today, Jane has collaborated with several retailers such as UrbanOutfitters and Gryphon to create her shoe line,"Sea of Shoes". It is awesome to know that someone my age can already have achievements of such magnitude. Dreams really do come true!  

Hope you enjoyed my updates! Expect more updates and improvements, because this blog is my new baby and I intend to make it perfect :)


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Everyone Needs A Little Therapy

Well it is safe to say that today started off rather, for lack of better a better word, shitty. One word to sum it up: Microeconomics. It literally is a foreign concept to me, and for some reason everyone else seems to understand it, so I must be living on a different planet than all of my fellow economists, I mean classmates. I came back to my dorm room feeling fairly depressed, and I did the one thing that I know will cheer me up every! (Or in this case, dream about shopping). While listening to some Billie Holiday (off of The Notebook soundtrack =] ) I made myself a little wish list, and when I say wish list, I mean fantasy list, of things that I would love to have in my closet for this spring. It cheered me up to say the least.

Frye, Viktor & Rolf

Steve Madden - Nude Shoes

Sun Hats - Eugena Kim, H&M

Victoria's Secret - Pleated Dresses

 Colin Stuart - Eclectic Shoes

 H&M - Bohemian

H&M - Blacks and Whites

H&M - Fun Colors

H&M - blazers

Tibi - Shift Dress, Shopbop Trend - Sands

Back to the fun of business calculus! 
Ps. I improved my banner! My little blog is coming along so nicely, how exciting?! 

Photo Credit -,, h& (UK),