Monday, March 28, 2011

Everyone Needs A Little Therapy

Well it is safe to say that today started off rather, for lack of better a better word, shitty. One word to sum it up: Microeconomics. It literally is a foreign concept to me, and for some reason everyone else seems to understand it, so I must be living on a different planet than all of my fellow economists, I mean classmates. I came back to my dorm room feeling fairly depressed, and I did the one thing that I know will cheer me up every! (Or in this case, dream about shopping). While listening to some Billie Holiday (off of The Notebook soundtrack =] ) I made myself a little wish list, and when I say wish list, I mean fantasy list, of things that I would love to have in my closet for this spring. It cheered me up to say the least.

Frye, Viktor & Rolf

Steve Madden - Nude Shoes

Sun Hats - Eugena Kim, H&M

Victoria's Secret - Pleated Dresses

 Colin Stuart - Eclectic Shoes

 H&M - Bohemian

H&M - Blacks and Whites

H&M - Fun Colors

H&M - blazers

Tibi - Shift Dress, Shopbop Trend - Sands

Back to the fun of business calculus! 
Ps. I improved my banner! My little blog is coming along so nicely, how exciting?! 

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