Friday, April 1, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away

The weather is gloomy, the work is piling up, and it is cold as hell out right now. Sounds just about right if you're living in New York. College is stressful and all I am looking forward to is summer. Unfortunately it seems like I have tons of unbearable obstacles to overcome before I can sit back, relax, and enjoy the rays. I really want to try and post some of my own work up here i.e.: my own outfit choices and my own pictures, but I have been so busy with papers and other assignments that I barely have the time to simply put on a nice pair of jeans. Speaking of jeans however, I am pretty excited because *fingers crossed* depending on if they fit, I am about to score a great deal on two pairs of 7 for All Mankind jeans from a friend of mine (paying a total of $110 dollars for them, less than the price of one originally!). What I also am excited about is that I am going home this weekend to simply chill out on my couch and do nothing. I honestly can not wait. In the mean time, my blog is gaining some success and fame because, drumroll please, I now have two followers (with the exception of my mom and I). I don't really know why I'm following my own blog, I guess because I wanted to look cool and make it to look like I had 1 follower :). Now that I think about it, I should probably take that down soon. Anyway, I must say thank you to my two followers from Australia and the UK for supporting me! Also wanted to thank my family, friends from home, and my other twitter followers who are also taking interest in my new little project; all of your support and encouragement means so much to me! 

To be honest, it's hard to feel enthused and inspired on such a rainy, gloomy day like today, but I figure why not embrace the rain and its beauty and look at it in a new perspective? Here is some rainy day photography and a few fashion picks! 


Had to include The Notebook's kiss in the rain scene, it's too perfect not to!

Hunter: Jimmy Choo Edition
Burberry (so luxurious!)

Juicy Couture 

Kenneth Cole New York

Given that today is April 1st, I guess we can assume that it's going to be a rainy month. On the bright side, April showers bring May flowers! I'll be looking forward to that...

I'll try to work on taking some of my own pictures this weekend!

Photo Credit:,, tokeepitgoing blog,, parisatelier blog, atlases blog



  1. Great photographs and images you chose - love the Chanel umbrella! So silly yet totally something I would want. Have a great weekend and here's hoping the rain goes away :)

  2. Thank you! I know, that Chanel umbrella is great! Hope you have a great weekend as well! Thanks for commenting! Love your blog!

  3. The Chanel umbrella and the red one after that are amazing. And you were right, this list wouldn't be complete without the kiss from Notebook :) Please follow me :D

  4. Thank you, I'm glad you agree! I'll gladly follow you! Love your photographs as well. Feel free to return the favor :)