Saturday, March 26, 2011

There's A First Time For Everything...

Hello fellow bloggers! Just wanted to take the time to formally introduce myself, and tell a little bit of my story! Let the blogging begin!!

My name is Laura, and I am 19 years old and currently living in the Bronx, New York. I'm a small town girl from the suburbs of Philadelphia trying to make it big in the big apple. From birth, my mother swears that I have always been visually inclined, and recently in my teen years, I have fallen in love with the fashion world. My style is chic, fun, girly, and I absolutely live by the motto "less is more". In particular, I love things that are sexy but not over the top, and most importantly, sophisticated. My dream is not necessarily to design, but to hopefully work in retail with a large designer name (such as the one posted below =] ). I attend Fordham University and am in the Gabelli School of Business, majoring in marketing. The purpose of this blog is to just catalogue my ideas and keep a collection of things that I personally find inspiring and appealing to the eye. Some posts will include my own style choices, and others borrowed from professionals and celebrities. I hope you enjoy my page, and support me and my dream to graduate as a campus fashionista!

Til next time,
Laura Nicole

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