Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Black, White, Red

As you can tell by the layout of my page, I'm a big fan of blacks, whites and reds, and lately I've been dying to put together an awesome outfit combining the three. Here are some blacks, whites, and reds put together in pretty ways :) 

Courtesy of MakeDecor

Courtesy of Shore

Courtesy of Shore

Visit Shore's blog if you want to see some more amazing fashion photography and illustrations! She has some really cool stuff on her page :)

Revlon's Strawberry Suede Lipstick is highly recommended 

Also I saw this post on Cashmere and Candy's blog and ever since seeing it, my mind has been circling over high waisted shorts! I have a really big weekend coming up at school called "Spring Weekend". It's where we have a band come in and play a concert on campus all day Saturday and I'm already concerned about what I'm going to wear! I really would like to buy some shorts like these and create my black, white, and red outfit for this concert!

High Waist Scalloped Shorts - UrbanOutfitters

These last two things don't really fall under the category of black, white, and red but I liked them a lot so I figured I would just include them for fun! 

How amazing is this mini trench dress? I am in love! The bucket bag with the ribbon adds so much girly charm! The whole outfit head to toe is flawless in my opinion

This outfit provides amazing color inspiration! This skirt is honestly fantastic as well as the necklace too! I hope some day to not fear color like this and embrace it. It truly works wonders on the eye!



  1. In LOVE with the neon skirt!
    That color is just unreal.

    The Styllustrator

  2. I love the striped cardi! red lipstick! x

  3. Thank you everyone! Glad you enjoyed this as much as I did! xoxo