Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Colors on Campus

So as I mentioned in previous posts, it's been pretty depressing here in New York for the past few days with all of the rain, clouds, and unpredictable weather. Come to think of it, I talk about the weather a lot on here, but I guess it is so important to me because it has the strongest influence on what I decide to wear! Anyway, yesterday was windy and rainy for pretty much the entire day until about 6 o'clock pm, when the sun decided to poke out from behind the clouds :). Coincidentally, that happened to be the same time that I was heading out of my room for dinner, so I grabbed my camera and snapped a few pictures around campus. Since I only have gone to school here during the winter months, I've never seen the campus in bloom, but let me tell you, the landscaping here is impeccable. It will be a real treat to walk around Fordham's campus when spring is in full swing. For now, I spotted a few budding flowers and tree branches and decided to create a little color palette of clothing to go a long with them!

Keating Hall

Collins Hall

Keating Hall

Bench outside of Finlay Hall

Soft Yellows and Whites


Mila Kunis 2011 Oscars - Elie Saab

Forsythia Yellow


Sea of Shoes, All the Pretty Birds

Soft Violets and Whites

Le Fashion - Vogue (China)

Sky Blues and Yellows

Fiery Tulips

Karla's Closet, Le Fashion

Lastly, fellow "more experienced" bloggers, I have been having some trouble with formatting the size of my pictures to fit my page. What's the best way to make pictures look uniform in size and not interfere with existing margins? Thank you for all your support! I truly do appreciate all feedback and it encourages me to continue improving my blog!



  1. awesome pictures and great inspiration, thanks for sharing!


  2. loveing the pictures. such amazing colours. I find that when ive uploaded there is a selection to press what size i want and depending on the shape of the uploaded image you can change it in blogger. it spaces them out as well
    Lydz xX

  3. Lovely lovely images! Karla is such an inspiration.

    Blogger got me so annoyed I decided to switch to Wordpress. You can edit the photo size by editing the html too.

  4. Thank you for all of your tips and feedback! I appreciate it! Xo