Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lazy Tuesday

Happy Tuesday folks! Why not start the day off with some Angelina? 

Courtesy of Vogue

Today is just one of those days. It's raining so that means that of course I have been in bed for 90% of the day eating snacks, watching TV, and blogging. Somewhat pathetic compared to yesterday, but I don't mind all of the relaxing (even though I really do feel like a bum). I saw these photos posted on 5 inch and up a few days ago and seriously fell in love with them! Such amazing inspiration! I am a diehard beach lover and when I saw such wonderful bohemian fashion combined with one of my favorite settings in the world, I knew I had to put it up here to share. I'm hoping sometime next week when I go home for Easter break that I will be able to post more photos of outfits of my own! For now, enjoy this amazing inspiration and photography from 5 inch and up! Gets me pumped for summer! 

 According to the original post, her shirt is from stylestalker and her earrings are from topshop. I LOVE the snake skin print combined with the feather earrings, and most of all her wavy beach hair! What do you think of this look?

Lastly, I received an e-mail asking if I could enable the Name/URL option on my comment settings and I'm not really sure how to do so! Anyone have any advice on how I can change this so everyone is able to leave comments on my posts?  
Thank you!



  1. I adore lazy days in bed with books, laptop, magazines and the scent of rain through the bedroom window. Angelina's short hair looks exquisite on her and the images below her reminds one of summer. Have a nice day;-)

  2. your blog is so sweet and i followed
    I'll be happy if you followed back :))


  3. Love these pics! Adore the earrings at the bottom too...xo

  4. Thank you everyone! Your comments are truly appreciated! And Thank you especially to girlynote for following! Of course I would love to follow you back! xo