Saturday, April 23, 2011

Nude Pumps and Some Updates

I wanted to extend a special thank you to my new followers and for all of the feedback I received on my last post! I am so thrilled to be home because I can finally give my blog all of the attention it deserves! So thank you again for the support, I really appreciate it!

Also, I have some wonderful updates about my weekend at home thus far! First of all, we decided to purchase a nikon d5100 "family" camera this weekend so whenever I'm home my pictures will be of much MUCH better quality! Here are a few pictures I took with the new camera! Awesome photo quality! I'm so excited to use this camera more often :)

Secondly, I spent all day today running around the mall applying for retail jobs. I got apps for Nordstrom BP, Anthropologie, UrbanOutfitters, and Madewell. Wish me luck! I'm submitting them Monday, so I'll let you know how it goes! Lastly, I bought these wonderful Steve Madden nude pumps from DSW today for 20$ off! I am thrilled!
Can't wait to showcase an entire outfit with these babies! 


Hope you like!
Happy Easter!


  1. I know I filled out so many online applications. I need a job. lol

    But I love the floral arrangements.

    And those Madden pumps, they are just so aesthetically correct. :D

  2. Great quality photos :)

    And LOVE those nude heels I've been meaning to get some for ages now!

    Good luck with the job hunting!!

    Emma x

  3. gosh!!! i so wanna have that shoes love the color XD

  4. Fantastic photos! I really love nude heels and those Steve Maddens are so sexy!

  5. nude pumps are a petite girl's lifesaver. these are so flippin cute. good luck w/ the job hunt! i'm sure you'll find something perfect for you :)

  6. Nice post!
    like youre blog!
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  7. Love the shoes! One thing I miss about the states, shopping at steve madden!!

  8. I have been wanting these nude babies since forever! Love love love them :)

  9. the pics are soo amazing, go crazy with the camera :D. great pair of shoes!!!
    Lydz xX

  10. Thank you so much everyone! Glad you liked! They're a little hard to walk in but I'll manage! I'll be using that camera when I'm home again! xoxo

  11. Those nude pumps are SO cute, I love Nude heels right now. Great post and I really like your blog. Definitely going to see Water for Elephants after seeing your post above.

    I have a fashion blog here in California
    Following you now.

  12. Ooh, gorgeous pumps! I don't have a pair of shoes in nudes yet :(