Saturday, May 7, 2011


I'm home for a bit of time to prepare for finals and my job interview! Too bad I had a little too much fun on Cinco De Mayo which resulted in me forgetting to pack cute clothes, shoes (for the interview), makeup, my toothbrush, and my razor the next morning to take home with me. Sometimes I think I'm living on a different planet :) 
Regardless, it's great to be back! Hopefully I will post some of my own pictures up sometime this week now that I'm back in PA.
Today I wanted to admire the beauty of black and white. 
Love the crispness of these photos
Credit goes to Shore and Le Fashion for these pieces

Also, to switch things up, I found these cool illustrations on Stumble Upon that incorporate some great color! They are by artist, Ric Stultz. Check his stuff out it's really fun and interesting! 



  1. Black and white is the base of fashion, it is where it all started. Lovely post!

    Btw, I just followed! Follow back if you wish :)

    xoxo, Athena