Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ralph Lauren

Today's post is all about one of my all time favorite fashion designers, Ralph Lauren. I recently watched an Oprah special on his life, family, and 17,000 acre ranch outside of Telluride, Colorado, and it was absolutely amazing.

Here are some facts I jotted down while watching the show:
He grew up in the Bronx, New York (ironic coincidence because that is where I go to school)
His business started off with selling ties out of a drawer in the Empire State Building
He has 452 stores in over 80 countries

Ralph and his wife of 46 years, Ricky
Ralph Lauren has expanded from initially just clothing, to children's clothing, fragrance, swimwear, and home interiors. He chose the name Polo because he enjoyed sports and felt that polo was a sport of sophistication.

He said that fashion is his passion and that the most important thing to him is living and the quality of life. He puts a tremendous amount of love into what he does, which is what distinguishes him as a designer.

Ralph feels that his brand represents America around the world. He speaks with great integrity and handles business honorably. 

Views from RL Ranch
He tells stories with his fashion. For example, he can't just design a random dress for a random woman. However, if someone told him "design me something for an artist living in SoHo" he would know exactly what to do and what she should wear.

Ralph's latest, and one of his most important designs is a wedding dress for his daughter Dylan, who is expected to get married in June.

 Gotta love Ralph!

The interview was SO inspirational, I highly recommend watching it! 
Images courtesy of Vanity Fair



  1. love all of these images! Ralph Lauren is absolutely iconic and definitive of "american" style! he seems so down to earth, especially in his cowboy images!

  2. I just saw them featured on Oprah. Their property is so unbelievable. Love family owned businesses. :) Great post. Loving all of the pictures.

    Thanks so much for stopping by Fash Boulevard. I really appreciate it. xoxo

  3. sat on the next table to him when i was in nyc a few years ago! he's so awesome!