Saturday, April 7, 2012

Blogger Analysis and Life Updates!

I have a lot to update my blog with on this post - so brace yourselves, this is going to be a giant one!

First of all, I was doing my usual surfing of my favorite blogs during philosophy class (woops!) and I guess while being in the philosophical atmosphere, I started looking at the photos differently...

I specifically picked out a few pictures from Atlantic - Pacific that I wanted to analyze a little more in depth:

Well, obviously I love all of these outfits and think that this blogger is extremely talented, but I just thought it was interesting to point out how she works with color schemes and hues in ALL aspects of the photo, not just her clothing choices. I like taking notes on the pro's because when I try to take my own pictures, they come out pretty good, but not like this! These pro bloggers literally pay attention to every last detail in each frame that they take. For example, let's look at her first photo here,

She uses a green/brown/yellow color scheme through out the photo. Notice the brown on her Starbucks cup even matches the brown on her purse! Not to mention, the gold watch complements the golden yellow hues in her skirt! Lastly the color palate of the background (soft beiges, tans of the sidewalk) all go with the outfit as well! It is crazy how many little details go into making one picture so immaculate!

Here's some more analysis in shorter terms for the other pictures,

Red bricks in the background to tie in with the red color used in her skirt and dress, usage of lighting

Less vivid colors for a more muted outfit - soft grey garage and pillars go with the understated blue and metallic soft pink of her pants

Dark blue paneling on the wall to goes with the umbrella and black purse - pop of green to complement the light blues in the Chanel piece 

This is a complete contrast to the earlier pictures! Notice, a more vivid outfit calls for a more vivid back drop. The saturated green grass matches her neon green top, and makes her lovely flowing purple skirt pop even more!


Next, this is completely off topic, but I've been wanting to experiment with a middle part when my hair is flat ironed - sometimes I think the style can look chic and mature, only if executed the proper way. Here's a blog post from A Cup of Jo about middle parts, what do you think?

Lastly, I have some of my own life updates to fill you all in on!

So, I've been interviewing with a few companies for internships in NYC this summer and am super excited about all of the wonderful opportunities the city has to offer! I get to put on my "big girl" clothes and interview with some awesome business executives! I'm crossing my fingers for the best!


Now I am home in Pennsylvania to celebrate Easter with my family. The weather has been beautiful and it has been great to finally get a chance to relax and de-stress before gearing up for the end of the semester and finals. My mother and I have been going on some nature walks and I've been able to snap some cute pictures using my new favorite iPhone app, instagram!

Just felt like sharing some personal stories on here to give my readers a chance to connect to ME a little better! :)

Lastly (even though I already said lastly, this really is the end!) I watched Girl with the Dragon Tattoo tonight and thought it was a pretty good movie to recommend - lots of sexual scenes and nudity though so prepare yourselves for that and definitely do not let any children watch this movie! Besides that if you enjoy murder mysteries, definitely watch this movie!

Hope you all enjoyed my monster update! I plan to try and have some Easter photos up by the end of the weekend! Hope everyone has a lovely holiday and weekend!


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