Sunday, June 17, 2012

Blogging, Motivation, Trends, You Name it!

Hello Audience! - whomever you may be :) 

So I am extremely wound up right now because I am starting to get some new exciting plans together for my junior year at Fordham. I don't want to give anything away since nothing is concrete yet - but I could be making my first real advance into the fashion world! I am working on it so once I know more I will surely write an update about it on here! 

Anyway, I came home to the beautiful suburbs of Pennsylvania this weekend for Father's Day and my Dad's birthday so I finally have some peace and quiet, and free time to write a nice post on here! Since I have had SWS for over a year now I feel like it is time to reevaluate the focus and purpose of my blog to get everyone up to speed and on the right page.

Initially when I created SWS it was a platform for me to express my creative side and pursue a hobby and interest in fashion. This blog still obviously has those initial components but has definitely shifted to a more personal level. In my internship, we talked about the importance of "lifting the corporate veil". In other words, it's important to show the personal side of your business and insight into the people who run it to your customers. It creates a bond between the company and consumers and brings a sense of comfort/reality to whatever you are trying to promote - and that is exactly what I am trying to do with my blog by writing posts like these. It would be great to go back to my early blogging days and update every day on trends, and have my own photo shoots of my styling tips and advice but the truth is, as a rising junior in college I have a lot on my plate right now. I am trying to update when I can but I definitely do not have as much time to surf my favorite blogs and look for as much inspiration as I used to - which is good and bad - good in the sense that I am using my own original material but bad in the sense that my pictures do not look professional and "cool" - aka I probably do not lure as many viewers these days but hey that's okay; I am doing this for me!

Blogging ties into my own motivation as well. I still am figuring out how motivated of a person I am. Certain things get me motivated, like my potential future plans for the fall. However I would say more times than others I would rather just chill out and do a whole lot of nothing with my days. I guess that's normal - right? I am not really sure what I am trying to say here but all I know is that with my current internship, my first "real world" job experience, motivation has become somewhat of a struggle for me. I love the opportunity that I have and have been learning so much / seeing some amazing things while on the job, but part of me is struggling with letting go of my youthful days of summer! I miss laying out by the pool, listening to music, and having barbecues with friends. I miss the overall familiarity of home. Nowadays I am so drained from waking up early and working and don't have a ton of friends in the city to hang out with so it's hard to always keep my morale up. It definitely has been a tough transition but I am doing my best with it and know that this is an extremely beneficial experience for me not only for my resume but for my character as well. 

On the fashion side of things, I have learned that it's hard to keep up with the fashion world when you are busy at work and don't have a ton of money to devote to buying clothes. I have an interesting sense of style that I've come to realize. I wrote in one of my earlier posts this year about the line between looking sexy and being over the top, and how your look affects your relationships and reputation. I definitely admit that I enjoy dressing sexy - not sexy in a sleezy way - but dressing myself and knowing that I look good. That probably sounds really funny and self centered but hopefully people know what I am talking about. Ya know, when you put on an outfit that just looks "right" and it totally boosts your confidence in yourself - that's the kind of clothing that I love! It was interesting though because this weekend I went to UrbanOutfitters to try and find a red cropped cami that I had spotted about a month ago and couldn't find it. Instead I found a very fine white blouse that cuts off half way into a nude sheer bottom. It is so classy looking and of such a high quality - I fell in love. I was faced with a decision though - do I continue to pursue the red crop top that has been on my mind for a month now? Or do I drop the sexy look for a classy, beautiful blouse? It was a tough decision but I chose class. I am 20 years old now and entering the adult world. Although sure, I am still in college and there are going to be fun party nights that that red crop top would have definitely come in handy for, I came to a firm realization that I am heading in a new direction in life. This internship in NYC is teaching me how to be an adult and work in the adult world - my youthful days of laying out by the pool and wearing somewhat provocative clothing is starting to come to an end. Again, this doesn't mean I'm done having fun because that is not the case. I just need to remember that I am trying to create a positive image for myself - not only for my boyfriend, or my employer, or my family, but for MYSELF! It feels nice to walk around and look good and maintain class at the same time. It attracts positive attention and not aggressive attention. Who knew a simple blouse could make such a difference in my life? :)

Next topic! Trends: So I also bought these floral skinny jeans from h&m for only 30$! I wore them to work last week along with a tangerine blouse and brown wedges. It certainly was a cute outfit but I was so nervous about wearing the jeans! I would say my style is pretty classic and I rarely do succumb to trends because too often you blow your money on them and then they're out of style! However, I need non-denim jeans for work and I thought I would give these a go. I just felt nervous about wearing them because they were cheap and an obvious example of how I'm simply "following the trend" of floral pants. I saw a girl walking around Chelsea market in what looked like to be expensive, couture floral pants and I was like "Wow she looks 100x better than me, what am I doing wearing these cheap jeans?!". 

I probably was looking waay too far into the situation - but working at a predominantly female office with trendy, chic peer interns makes you sweat a little about what you decide to wear to work! Overall I think the floral pants worked out fine but it made me realize that I am going to stick to my guns and avoid trends that don't suit me or my style. For example, I have tried on colored jeans so many different times and every time I do I squint at myself in the mirror trying to make it look "right", but it just doesn't look right to me! I don't like how you can see the where the fabric bunches when you move your legs on a light, solid color. I also don't think it looks slimming for those of us who have athletic legs, but hey that's only my opinion and I'm sure a lot of people disagree with me. I guess I am learning I am a little conservative when it comes to my fashion sense, but I kind of like it - I rarely am wearing something that makes people go "Yikes!". Trends are tough for me. I want to be experimental and take risks but I don't want to feel uncomfortable. 

General rule of thumb? Do what makes you feel the best, most confident, and most comfortable. 

Lastly, I got kind of annoyed with reading other blogs today. Blogging is a freedom of expression. It's for people who want to have a space on the internet to voice their interests, concerns, daily life, YOU NAME IT! I don't like it when people critique bloggers and say "Oh that's an awful blog", or "You don't know what you're doing". Blogging is fun - let's keep it that way. Does everything have to be so darn competitive? I am proud of my blog and no one else can change that.

Well my post was a lot to take in - and it was kind of jumbled so I'll let you all digest that :)
Thank you for those of you that take the time to read these posts - it means so much to me and I would love to hear any feedback, good or bad! 

Hope everyone has a wonderful Father's day! I love you Dad!

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