Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pretty Pictures

I finally have had the time to browse a few of my favorite blogs and pull some lovely inspiration for you all to enjoy! 

Just a note - I have been really into the color red this summer - I am dying to find a dynamic red piece for my wardrobe! I purchased a red bathing suit a few months back but I want a shirt or dress or something more dramatic!

Lastly, on a more personal level - I definitely spend too much time on Facebook haha. Sometimes I feel like I don't have "cool" enough pictures on there. My pictures are all crappy quality of me going out with my friends or something stupid like that...but more and more I'm noticing girls with these model shots and artsy profile pictures taken with serious nikon or canon professional cameras and I'm like uhh am I missing out? Part of me wants to jump on the artsy bandwagon and start putting up some "model shots" of myself to feel beautiful - but the other part of me feels like that's just not me. Like really, who am I trying to impress? Facebook is a great thing and a terrible thing at the same time. Sigh. 

Enough of that blabber though and onto the inspiration, and a picture of my own from this weekend taken for a fashion job application!

I am wearing the blouse I mentioned in my last post from UrbanOutfitters, True Religion jeans, and G by Guess wedges (they are a great knock off of Gucci!)

Inspiring Women

Images via all the pretty birds, le fashion, and atlantic pacific (I am basically obsessed with everything she does)


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