Friday, August 17, 2012

Fall Inspiration

Hello Folks! So I am back in Pennsylvania for another week and I have to say, it has been really nice relaxing in the 'burbs thus far! I definitely missed the green vegetation and spacious roadways when I was living in the city. With that being said, I can not wait for the humidity to drop and for the leaves to start falling. Autumn is so my favorite season! I already have gotten a jump start on my fall shopping and it is making me so excited to switch over to boots and sweaters and scarves! I am definitely entering a more edgy, artsy phase of my fashion taste, and I like it! I feel like I finally am getting to the age and stage of life where I really don't care what others think of my expression of myself - via fashion, photography, social media, etc. Obviously I am not going to go off the ringer, but I grew up in such a critical, tight-knit social group, that I felt like it would be weird for me to get "artsy" in the past. Well now, I am just going to do me! So if that means I wear something a little more daring, a little more bohemian, a little more hipster than usual, than so be it! 

Inspiration from my two favorite blogs: 5 inch and up, Le Fashion

Snuck one in there ;)


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