Monday, October 1, 2012


I missed a whole month of blogging! I am seriously ashamed with myself. Of course I am going to say I have been busy adjusting to being back at school yadda yadda but honestly I need to be more committed to my blog! 

Anyway with regard to fashion - I am thrilled that it finally is cooling down and becoming autumn yet again. I love this weather because you can bust out your boots and look cute but you don't have to use that heavy winter parka...yet. I got a new pair of riding boots for this season and I am surprisingly pretty pleased with them. I miss my old Riekers boots that clung to my calf more but you can't beat the ease of slipping boots on and off - these boots will definitely last me longer than my older ones did. 

This year I definitely have taken on more of a grunge/artistic style (finally indulged in combat boots!). Last year I was more focused on sex appeal/typical college nightlife attire where this year I feel that I'm more focused on comfort and personal style, rather than the intent to "impress" and look hot...if that makes any sense?? I am embarrassed to admit that I used to think that way but whatever. 

Shops I shop at (thank god I go to school in NY): 
Brandy Melville - great items at great prices
Top Shop: pricier but so cute and good quality - students get a discount!
Urban Outfitters: still so obsessed. This summer I think I went there every day for a month straight...that's NOT okay! Ha! The sale section on the website is a great place to buy things for better prices. The only downside is that you can't try the things on, however, there is a MUCH better selection of sale items online rather than hunting through the stores minimal offerings.

I am going home next weekend to enjoy my favorite fall traditions in suburbia and the Pennsylvania countryside. I can't wait, and more importantly I can't wait to be with my family. Honestly, I have been dreaming for months about going on hayrides, eating apple pie, and picking pumpkins. Ah, it is so amazing! I will have my nikon camera on me then and will be sure to post some awesome pics! For now, I leave you with this!...

Can I be you? via 5 inch and up

How cute is my sisters little pup Olivia?

Pretty day on campus

Combat Boots :)

I love the colors in this shirt I got from Urban Outfitters. Purple, Maroon, Black Paisley

wish my shades were more tinted!


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