Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Back to the New York Grind

Now that the holidays are over it's time to get back to business and back to school. It definitely has been a treat spending a month at home celebrating Christmas, my 21st birthday, and New Years, but I truly am excited to embark on many new challenges this spring. After last summer's achievements of living in New York City and completing my first internship experience, I am ready to hop back on board the working train and pursue my interest in fashion. 

I also am becoming extremely envious of all of my friends who are studying abroad this semester. Sometimes I wish I took the initiative to do that, but I figure, for me, it is more important to try and line up working opportunities and stay at Fordham another semester since I already lost one due to my transfer freshman year. I am planning on doing a brief abroad program this summer and I am very, very excited for it! 

Lots of opportunity, and lots of excitement for this spring and summer! Let's go! 

As for my current fashion likings and inspiration...

I noted this photo when I was looking over Topshop's facebook page - I am really into sparkly shorts this winter. I love the scalloped look and the pop of blue color!

I love the eclectic look in this shot from Urban Outfitters. The rolling stones logo is iconic and the vibrant red truly stands out. I love the pairing of the fur and dramatic necklace as well. Fun, playfully jumbled, and creative. I love this look.

I was going out to the mall one day and decided to snap this shot of myself sporting a cute high bun. This is a simple combination of reds and blacks with Marc Jacobs sunglasses and long dangling cross earrings I picked up from Brandy Melville in Soho. 

Here are some gifts and purchases from Christmas and my birthday! These luxurious items are all new personal favorites that I will be using all through out the winter season. I obviously love the color black, maybe a little too much :). It is so sleek and classic, and all of these items look fantastic when styled together!

Chanel Sunglasses, Bulova watch, Brighton earrings

New Michael Kors clutch to match my bag

Three new comfy cute items from TopShop

I absolutely LOVE this faux fur jacket from Topshop. It adds class to any outfit! I also adore these sparkling shorts from Nordstrom BP -  they were perfect for celebrating the holidays.

Part of my winter shoe selection - combat boots, Max Studio leopard pumps, and Steve Madden quilted wedge boots. I love, love, love these.

Beautiful detail!


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