Monday, March 25, 2013

On My Radar...

What a great spring it has been so far! Not! Once it does actually get warm and sunny, these Tory Burch pilot shades will look great with your wardrobe. I spotted them at a store in NYC and haven't been able to get them off my mind since. I'm a little crazy when it comes to sunglasses, I love collecting them. They may be tied with shoes for my favorite accessory. 

Just because I'm obsessed with Gossip Girl and Leighton Meester right now. Celebrity girl crush!

 Some NYC living snapshots...
Finally a sunny day at work! Even though it was still cold it was nice to see some blue skies.

Driving by Bergdorf's. Yeah...I can't afford that yet. A girl can dream? I was taking a cab to meet up with my family in the upper east side and had the pleasure of driving past 5th Ave and all the way down Madison Ave. It truly was a treat just being able to glance from left to right and see designer after designer and store after store. There really is no other place like New York City. It is so fabulous and I love it for that.

My Sis and I at dinner! It was great to visit her and spend some time with the family. 

On a more personal note, after some recent events that I experienced this weekend, I've learned that you really can trust few people in the world. A lot of people will try to bring you down but it's up to you to stand up with courage and persist forward to live the life you want to live. As much as girls and their petty comments and jabs frustrate me, I know who I am and am proud of myself for the achievements I have made thus far in my life. I am so motivated and excited to continue my journey in this amazing city and pursue the career that I've been dreaming of for the past few years ever since I moved here and started this blog. People suck but don't sink down to their level. Keep shining. 

Ps. Spring is coming! (I hope)


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