Tuesday, March 26, 2013


So I've been following Style.com on twitter and the it has been helping me greatly to stay in the loop of the fashion world. For example, I read an article about a new Swedish raincoat designer, Alexander Stutterheim. His story is quite enthralling. He was inspired by his grandfather's old fishing coat he found  left in his family barn. He put it on, and imagined what a contemporary, updated prototype of his vintage coat would look like. Alexander's key to success is his mandate of handmade, premium quality for all of his goods. He relies on seamstresses and co-workers who care just as much about detail as he does. 

Also, an interesting quirk to add to Alexander's vision is that his creativity stems from melancholy, a sentiment that most of us wouldn't consider to use when attempting to be innovative. 
Alexander says, "Melancholy is an active state. When we’re melancholic, we feel uneasy with the way things are, the status quo, the conventions of our society. We yearn for a deeper, richer relationship with the world. And in that yearning, we’re forced to explore the potential within ourselves – a potential we might not have explored if we were simply content."

All I have to say is brilliant. I love getting into the minds of creative designers and seeing where their inspiration is derived from. Looking at concepts in a new, uncommon way is essential to standing out and creating something memorable, that is distinct from the pack of competitors. I have a great respect for European designers like Alexander Stutterheim, who put a great amount of love and attention into their products to ensure they are of the highest quality.

My favorite of Stutterheim's designs was his female cape coat, deemed the name Lydia

I love the subtle red trim. This piece is unique, feminine, and simple yet still very stylish. I would love to own something of this quality. 

Stutterheim includes images of his products being made, sketches of his initial designs, and his inspiration for each piece. I enjoy his decision to include these images because it gives a chance for customers to truly see how much work and love goes into each coat. It also displays a great deal of authenticity.

Companies and designers that put this much time and attention into their products deserve to be applauded. Great work, Alexander Stutterheim. 



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  2. I love the name of your blog because I can so relate! haha great post btw!